Saturday, March 22, 2008

Richardson Endorses Obama

Not bitter but semi-sweet rivals is the way Gov. Richardson would have New Mexicans believe it.

Nothing so obvious as the suck-up, Bill. Waiting to see just where you think the nomination is going to end up is a smooth political move, but don't try to make us think you were just looking for the guy who best expressed your ideals. Once it was clear there would be no revotes in the excluded states . . . Glom!

Mr. Obama picking Mr. Richardson as a running mate would be a win-win situation for New Mexico.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Just Find a Project You Like and . . .

Our politicians in NM don't wait for voters when they have an idea whose time (and associated political capital) has come.

Rail Runner was the brainchild of Gov. Bill "Want It But You Gotta Pay For It" Richardson. When started, the commuter railroad was funded from an excess of highway money and federal grants. Now it needs tax dollars. The taxpayer never voted for it and many never wanted it.

The voting machines used in every county of the state (also a Richardson idea) are another example. They come from only one vendor, and the warranty has run up. The taxpayer is going to have to foot the bill for maintenance in every county, some more than others. This was not the taxpayer's idea and most don't want it.

Then we come to the pet project of El Major Martin Chavez of Alburquerque (intentionally misspelled), who signed a contract for Red Light Cameras nobody wants and nobody voted for. I guess city councilors rubber stamped it, but the taxpayer is going to have to pay because Richardson took all the money for the state. But El Major Martin says they stay anyway. He might use the $7million it put into his coffers until he can get his hands deep enough into our back pockets.

Can you spell spaceport? Even minor backers are pulling out of this one. But NM will build it anyway, on taxpayer dollar, and they will come back. Won't they?

Taxpayers of NM (aka NM-icans) are also going to be living in little LA. The movie industry in NM gets a big boost with tax breaks. Unlike regular taxpaying citizens that just want to start a business. If anybody reading knows what Hollywood and lots and lots of LA are really like, you know what this is going to turn Santa Fe and Albuquerque into. And NM really doesn't have the climate, the police manpower, or the garbage collection or sewage systems to support 24-hour-a-day sleaze.

Don't let the fact that oil and gas revenues for NM are the fourth highest in the nation. Unlike Alaska and Texas, the taxpayer never sees any of it. NM-icans also pay some of the highest fuel prices. Go figure.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Character Counts - Unless You're the Super

One of the candidates for Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) superintendent has a slight blemish on his record and he freely admits it. He shoplifted. It was a small value item and it occurred back when he was in his young and tender 30s. So when does character develop?

The APS mantra has for years been "Character Counts." I guess it's OK to shoplift as long as you finally admit it when you are up for a big-bucks job. Not necessary for lower-paying jobs.

A school system is a microcosm of the community and reflects its values. What does this say about Albuquerque?
Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.