Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Will of The People

I'm not going to try to define my title.  Let's just say that, nowadays, the will of the people is just something any adult New Mexico resident (or NMer) recognizes without explanation.  It is also something, apparently, that any NM politician does not understand.

Take two recent examples:  The recent special legislative session, and the recent Albuquerque city election.

Legislative Session.
Despite the clear will of the people that the politicians in our legislature cover more ground that just redistricting, and cover redistricting with fairness and within the bounds of the Constitution of the State of New Mexico, they  chose rather to do nothing and create legislative boundaries that do nothing more than secure the jobs of current politicians.  The will of the people be damned!

City Election.
Despite the clear will of the people that Albuquerque do away with red-light cameras and the public leaches that sold them to the city, as evidenced by the results of election, I predict that the city council will vote to retain them.  And despite the clear will of the people that we do not need any more public money spent on frivolous pet projects, Mayor Berry, is expected to push on with The Plan for Albuquerque whether the voters said no or not.

It's examples like this that have young patriots camped out on UNM property.  They may not have good ideas, and they may just be playing into the hands of the ultra left, but they know that something is going on in America, and it's not The Will Of The People!

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Mister Trains said...

Update: The city council eventually voted to get rid of the red light cameras and they should be gone before the end of the year. Score one for the will of the people.

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