Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ugly Thing Politics

You can take my title with or without a comma after "thing."

In Bernalillo County, New Mexico, the county in which Albuquerque is the largest city, sits a commissioner named Michael Wiener.  Mr. Wiener (whether he is appropriately named has yet to be determined) was recently photographed with four young ladies who are more than likely sex workers in an international red light district.  Fortunately, this district is not in Albuquerque.  Even our Republican governor has called for Mr. Wiener's resignation, but he says he's staying.  This seems to be like any of a hundred other scandals where the person who gets caught resists taking his (or her) medicine.  (See John Edwards, under "still resisting.")

We also have an ex-mayor of this town.  His name is Martin Chavez.  He's running in the Democrat primary for  a congressional seat.  He is admittedly the one-time- and allegedly now ex-boyfriend of a lady who is under indictment for embezzlement of considerable amounts of money from a Santa Fe hospital.  When asked, Mr. Chavez says the only important thing is that he did not spend any public money on her.  We think the most important thing to ask is whether she spent any embezzled money on him.

Ugly Thing, these Politics.

Anybody but Obama.

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