Friday, March 15, 2013

Another Fine Mess - 2 Months Worth

Our fine legislature has been meeting for two months.  TWO MONTHS! The session ends tomorrow at exactly noon.  What have we got to show for it:
1.  A Budget.  The governor won't sign it, and rightfully so.  It does noting to promote job creation, or drag the public schools out from the muck they've been in for years, or really address the financial state of the State.
2.  No new taxes.  Inaction, I suppose, does have it's merits.
3.  Mariachi bands.  Yeah, that they had time for.
4.  New drivers license laws.  NOT!  The state appears to be rolling right along giving ordinary licenses (instead of specially designed ones) to people who are in the country illegally.  One day the Real ID act will kick in and all of the rest of us who voted for these inactive dolts in the legislature will be sorry.
5.  Last minute efforts to make the legislators look good.  We've got plenty.
6.  Special legislative session.  Likely.
At least we don't pay these guys and gals full time.  That would be too much like the federal government.

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