Saturday, June 7, 2014

Been a Little Remiss

Unlike the APD, I've failed to take a potshot at anything in these blog pages for quite some time.  So let's get up to date.

The water authority apparently not only now plans to punish all of us conservation-minded water users for conserving too much water, but will also be raising rates just on general principles.  Now that's what I expect from a government entity.  There's always something they can do with your money.

The feds have decided that APD shoots too many people, particularly those who seem to be hell bent on getting shot.  I think they're jealous.  The feds want shooting people to be strictly a federal right.

The federal investigation of APD has a lot of people figuratively up in arms.  Not literally, or they might also get shot.  Protesters have staged at least two demonstrations demanding something be done about APD shootings, both of which have prevented something being done about APD shootings.

We've had a spate of warm weather, and we're still in a drought.  Luckily, the feds have come up with a plan to reduce global warming.  The power company says they are ready for the plan.  They've already printed the rate increases for the next 20 years and are covering the southwest with beautiful solar panels and windmills, and the wiring to string it all together.

And that's the latest update from the land of Alberkoikie.

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