Monday, February 25, 2008

How Many Years If He Had Been Trying to Steal Your Wife?

Proving again that Justice in New Mexico is A Bit Off, a judge sentenced a decorated marine to two years in prison for killing a man he found in his garage trying to steal his car. The marine had no prior criminal record and is a married, family man with young children. The family of the desert scum that got killed will get $500 a month in restitution. They are contemplating a civil suit to get more.

The judge went on radio the following week and said he wouldn't have given the marine any prison time if he had just begged for mercy. Instead, in true Semper Fi fashion (God bless him) the marine made it clear he thought the scum got what was coming to him.

Many folks agree. Just don't agree too loudly or you fine, upstanding residents of NM will be begging for mercy, too.

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