Thursday, February 28, 2008

If You Fix a Commissioner's Ticket, You Get To Go Back To Work

Just prior to the judge's ruling I discussed in the post just previous to this, a Judicial Standards Commission, made up of Commissioners (I guess - I can't find any names), ruled that a different NM judge who spent over 3 years fixing tickets (hundreds) for family and friends by having his secretary delete court files should be suspended for 3 months. Nothing more, just suspended w/o pay.

If I were a court clerk and had done this, I would be summarily fired and be prosecuted one count for every ticket.

It is clear that it depends who you know. Maybe the judge showed remorse so he didn't get two years.

Update: It is rumored that Governor and FPC (former presidential candidate) Bill Richardson is considering executive clemency for the imprisoned decorated marine. Seems Bill is tired of his henchmen pissing people off. It's ruining his chances to get a good appointment from Hillarobama.

Please do something about (Albuquerque) Mayor Marty Chavez now, huh?

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