Sunday, January 30, 2011

Everybody Has To Have a Pet

The trouble is, where politics in New Mexico are concerned, that pet is more often than not something that requires tax dollars.  And I think we're all finding out that those dollars are limited.  Once the federal government figures out it can't print more dollars (borrow more), those free dollars will be gone for a long, long while.

So while the legislature is meeting, we've all got to find a way to cut off our pets.  (You would think it was equivalent to leaving your poor family dog at a shelter, and you would be right when it comes to some politicians and special-interest groups.)  So here's a list of the most money-consuming pets.  Let's bite the bullet and leave them at the shelter, ladies and gentlement of the legislature!

Railrunner Express,  NM Spaceport, subsidies for movie production, about half the administrative positions in the school system from the state universities on down to grade K and beyond, about half the administrative positions in state government, any funding at all for take-home police cars (local, county or state), time and money for naming things the "Official State (blank)," any state airplane (let em ride the bus or drive), any state non-police motor vehicle that costs more than a Ford Focus, ANY project to add bicycle lanes ANYWHERE (let em ride the bus or drive), new gravel for medians (just lumpier sand and sand we've got), public art (let em go to a museum), any land purchase to keep resources out of the hands of private enterprise.

If you ladies and gents in the legislature can address just a few of the above, we'll all be better off. 

I'll add to the list at a later date.

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