Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here We Go Again

OPINION.  John Sanchez v. Heather Wilson.  The only thing I have to say about this is that I was hoping fellow conservatives in NM would be a helluva lot smarter.  Like Heather Wilson smart.

I know a lot of NMers think that we need a senator who is "of the people."  And Heather Wilson is just too well educated and experienced for a lot of NMers to identify with.  That's so much hogwash we ought to have the cleanest hogs in the Lower Forty-Eight.  (By the way NMers is pronounced enn-EMM-ers.)

We elect Lt. Govs the same way we elect vice-presidents.  We put them where they can do the least amount of harm and be useful when and if called upon.  We pray that Govs do not die in office and cause the Lt. Govs to become them.  John Sanchez is right where he belongs.  Right now.

Mr. Sanchez is as close to a RINO as it gets.  Whereas Heather Wilson has leadership skills and a demonstrated mind of her own, like most RINOs, Mr. Sanchez has only the desire to be a senator, a representative, a Gov, or something other than the owner of a roofing company.  He is jealous Gary Johnson thought of running for president first.  My serious reservations are that he would not stand pat for a single difficult issue unless some other prominent Republican could be blamed for it.  And, if elected to the senate, he would be doing it for SIX years.

Vote for Heather

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